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Why you should study blockchain

Since blockchain was introduced in 2015, it has recorded a 200% annual job growth. Ask Saltera Training about our potential job opportunity guarantee.
It will play a critical role in organising new systems for cybersecurity, governance and sustainability, and will become the business model for reshaping supply chains.
A universal infrastructure that can store or transfer information anywhere, blockchain is feasible technology for global implementation.
Blockchain technology can be integrated into your current skill set or used separately, supporting the future-proofing of your career.

Diploma of
Applied Blockchain

10849NAT Diploma of Applied Blockchain teaches you how to plan a blockchain business model, manage the performance of a business model deployed on blockchain and prepare an organisation for transitioning operations to a blockchain network. This is a Nationally Recognised qualification that consists of six core units and two elective units.
For Beginners
Self-paced, online
6 - 9 months
$13,500 online course
$15,500 blended course
Course structure | 8 units


10747NAT Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain gives you the advanced skills to lead blockchain implementation within existing or new organisations, and plan business models to enable the application of blockchain technologies to create value and efficiencies.
For Beginners
Self-paced, online
10 - 12 months
$14,500 online course
$16,500 blended course
Course structure | 8 units

Course Information

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Completed a minimum YEAR 12 SECONDARY EDUCATION
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies as well as business planning and operations

Assessments include answering written questions, completing projects and practical tasks in simulated workplace environments.

All students are encouraged to complete Saltera Training’s 5-day intensive coding course which gives you the skills and knowledge to understand languages and implement coding. This course is essential to fully understand coding for the blockchain.





Project Managers

Blockchain Developers

NFT Implementation on the blockchain

Cybersecurity and many more!

Career Opportunities

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